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May 9, 2011


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Today I lost a very dear and elderly friend who went by the name of Lilly. She died in the company of her sister Fiona, who together with another sister Ruby were triplets from a by gone era. None of the three had partners or children.

What makes the death even more tragic, is that Ruby also died this year. Unfortunately, I didn’t know Ruby all that well. Lilly who I did get to know, had a body that was badly worn and withered but she remained active even in her old age. Lilly lived and died the way I wish I could live and die – active until the moment one lays down their head and passes away.

The remaining triplet Fiona, who I also don’t know too well, is of course lost without her other two siblings. I can’t imagine the loneliness she must feel. Helen and I will continue to support her as best we can until her time comes. Until the deaths of her sisters, Fiona had not spent a day apart from them.

In regards to the triplets’ leader, Ruby – Eternal be her memory.

In regards to my withered and energetic friend, Lilly – Eternal be her memory.

In regards to the trio’s survivor, Fiona – please keep her in your thoughts and/or prayers. May her time come as peacefully as Lilly’s and may she not be crushed by the loneliness she now carries since the other triplets’ departures.

The story of their life should really be told – it’s an inspiration to all “students of life”.

Regards – Vasilios Theodorakis – May 2011

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