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February 22, 2012

Fiona – The Last Of The Triplets

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Fiona died today – almost 10 months after her sister Lilly. As you might be aware, from a previous post, Fiona was the last of an elderly set of triplets my wife and I befriended some years ago.

At the time of Lilly’s death, we didn’t know Fiona all that well, but close contact over the next 9 months ensured we became quite good friends. This closeness came about because of her fragility – she became dependent on us physically, and we in turn, became dependent on her company. Fiona was an amazing and grand lady who kept a meticulous house, and tried to do her own cleaning, in spite of her age. What she lacked in physical strength, she made up for in practical jokes and a mischievous sparkle in her eyes.

Fiona loved to keep busy, and even though she suffered greatly because of her sisters’ deaths, she continued to be as optinistic and active as her body would allow.

She was a stay-at-home person who enjoyed making her own meals, but occasionally splurged on a restaurant/gourmet dinner. Fiona savoured all aspects of life and fought hard to stay alive, but in the end, her body just gave way. Her shell became too weak to contain such a powerful spirit.

I suspect, she will always be one of the oldest, wisest and most resilient beings I’ll ever know. The last 9 months we shared with her was an absolute honour and a privilage – her outlook and way of life should be taught in schools and emulated by others. It saddens me that more people didn’t pay her attention.

Fiona, until we meet up again, save us some of your home made peanut butter delicacies and go easy on that jogging. ;)

Eternal Be Your Memory…
Both Helen and I will miss you dearly…

Regards – Vasilios Theodorakis – February 2012

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