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January 1, 1984


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It flows, mesmerises, enriches,
But most of all completes.
It has no defined borders,
No set meaning,
No purpose.
It is a useless gift, some sarcastically believe;
A torture we are made to suffer;
A fish bone lodged in the heart – which also doesn’t logically exist.
But how in all the vastness of the ether,
Do they explain:
      The warmness of friendship;
      The gentleness a craftsman has for his wood;
      The security between mother and babe;
      The innocence of generosity amongst a few;
      And the sacrifice of life for another.
Could it be; just a wonderful dream
That we taste,
And imagine we use for power?
Or can we really believe in its reality,
When there are, no universal standards;
No logical methods of comparison;
No way of proving to others.
Thus we were given ‘The Knowledge’
That throughout human eternity, there would remain three things:
Not knowledge that is believed,
Not matter which is observed,
And not energy that is used;
But instead realities greater,
And realities simpler,
Realities useful,
And realities impractical.
Therefore, three traits that are no less than universal,
But three traits that follow a central entity;
An entity known as,

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Copyright © Vasilios Theodorakis 1984
(1st poem written in 1984 – exact date of writing unknown)

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