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July 6, 1992

The Youth Wage.

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Coveted with glitter in the manner of mouths
Basted with privilege;
A new invention to save us from the dreaded ‘R’ word – he says.
‘Recession blues – Will, Be, Over!’
Yes, that’s it – amazing how it didn’t come to him sooner.
The three dollars an hour rate,
Can you believe it!?
How wonderful, how glorious, how beautifully flavoured.
Its like, – bring back the colonial overtones,
White wash our young with designer labels for convicts.
Ahhh,… mister opposition man
Come on down from your Ferrari Saddle
Scrub dishes for eight hours,
Get 24 dollars, minus tax, in your pocket,
Entitle yourself to the youth dream of graduating to floors.
For of cause, the ‘structure’ will give young people experience,
Open up positions,
Never dead end jobs
Nor sanctioned enslavement like the Commies quote.

We’re going backwards folks,
Just ever, such a little bit…

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