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February 4, 2011

Still Here!

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I’m back and I appear to have survived – at least for the time being. ;) My operation, according to my neuroradiologist, was a technical success. The problem blood vessel in my brain has been blocked (I have images to prove it), the “24 hour a day” deafening noise is finally gone and the risk of a stroke is diminishing. I’m not sure ending up with a “truck load” of metal and synthetic coils in your brain is necessarily a good thing, but it’s currently the best technique available for such problems.

The post operative care I received however – now that’s another story! Had I not discharged myself from the hospital when I did, I would now be in real trouble with my immuno-suppression . All hale the ongoing incompetence of Queensland Health – the clinical and hygiene risk patients are put through is something to behold! If you ever have to deal with this bureaucracy, keep your wits about you. Always check the hygiene practices of staff, what medications they’re administering and what procedures they intend to carry out – and never, ever be afraid to advocate or say no to their “carefree approach” to your well being.

In light of my recent experience, I now have grave concerns for patients who cannot, or will not advocate for themselves in a context where “duty of care” is less important than whether a doctor or the department might be sued. Over the years, I’ve witnessed a lot of questionable behaviour in hospitals, but even I was surprised by the number of junior doctors whose standard response to questions (about one’s own medical status) began with the following – “Legally, I can’t answer that question for you!” It seems its now easier to leave medical incompetence in place and “lawyer oneself up” rather than improve patient safety and care.

On a more positive note and in spite of what I experienced after the operation, I am genuinely grateful for the brilliant work carried out by the neuroradiology team. Their compassion, communication and skill cannot be faltered, even if the system in which they work leaves a lot to be desired.

All things going well, I look forward to resuming this blog as of next week. Thank you for all your well wishes during my convalesces – they were much appreciated.

Cheers – Vasilios Theodorakis – February 2011

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