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March 17, 1988


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If secrets could be told,
To the whispering wind;
Of Love and Friendship
Locked within;
The world would be
A duller place;
To live our lives,
To run our race.

Instead we guess,
We wonder if;
The other feels the strength,
The gift;
That powers life
Eternal now,
And guides the future,
Within the cloud.

The pain, the sorrow
If we’re wrong,
But such is the risk,
To grow so strong;
That the test is time,
And time the guest;
Which introduces the one
For whom, we’re best.

If this charade
Could end today;
Revealing our soul,
In wide display;
Would our ultimate life,
As friends, as one,
Be robbed of Romance
And not begun?

Audio Version (To Be Added)
Copyright © Vasilios Theodorakis 1988

(1st poem written in 1988)

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