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August 6, 2001

Unknown Sage

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His given name –
Sought solutions
Which pooled like cool oil drops on velvet.
Had he not lived,
Fiction would not have invented
Such fantasy.
He walked with the Invisible Ones
Moulding creation,
Long before his Brothers and Sisters
Regained the Insight.
He was the catalyst
Seeding the awakening,
But no one ever knew him,
And the changes he brought
Almost never came to pass.
The fact that he breathed at all,
Gives us hope –
A clear reason to live.

Each and everyone,
Now knows,
We are the centre
Of at least one universe –
Namely, our own.

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August 1, 2001


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Forever and ever
We circle
Our precious home,
Not seeing
The jewel that wears us as its glory.

Taken from the deepest
Blue of seas,
Souls were broken,
Fed upon soil-less food
And ground, face first into the desert of safety.
But the desert
Finally turned to muddied water.
And the muddied water
Finally distilled to sea and sediment.
And the sea and sediment
Once again allowed us
To touch the deepest blue of our past.

So across the water
Curvature is again
Eyed by Byzantine Mariners,
Whose lookout,
Is now built upon the steps
Of Wynnum Natives.

The voice
Though silenced for millennia,
Is again rising
To glorify
Far more
Than a mythological phoenix.

And this time
It will praise
His Being proper.
“So be it!”
Shout the visible and invisible worlds,
May we not rest till it is done.

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Copyright © Vasilios Theodorakis 2001

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