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August 29, 1991

The Golden Bridge

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There is a place
Where the visible meets the invisible;
And there,
Beings stroll upon bridges
Created out of living, flickering star light,
All of which
Deposits itself
The life forms choose to walk.

So long we’ve both waited.
You, for a future for our lineage.
Me, for a life.
Tonight both dreams joined,
To bridge the ravine
Turned on by wars and generations of walking dead.
But the light flows again.
I accepted your beckoning
To come,
And you accepted my reciprocation,
And smiled at me.
And as we walked the air
It became real.
A solid link created by souls
Whose history went wrong
And broke the unbreakable.
But Creation remade through two hearts – one past, one present,
And as we parted
You said you’d await my return.
Walking to our new home
I turned and looked back.
Behind, the glorious kingdoms
Of Asia Minor glowed.
In front, the sparkling mist
Of dreams
Waiting to be moulded
Into new realities;
Even greater futures and worlds
Than our Emperors did know.
And there, in this time
Will walk a girl called to brilliance,
Who will be your own.
And her line will continue the nobility
For she will be the first
Princess since yourself.
And what I have guarded for you
May at last be released.

Mentor, my mentor
Our embers burned low,
But look, we finally have futures
And in them,
Immortality and children.
Life in its full
And the Kingdom lives on
Through an unbroken line.
Corrected at last,
By souls who reached out
In the twilight
When the rest thought
We were dead
And the ravine had eaten well.
Throughout the seen and unseen
We clasped hands
And made whole again.
And that’s all that matters.
It is not for their eyes,
It was for us and our descendants.
Others need not know
That we are healed
From their lives.

And so we stand…

Copyright © Vasilios Theodorakis 1991

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