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February 1, 1989

Imaginary? Playmates.

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For our hearts flow freely with the earthly wind,
And our souls rise up to thin the clouds,
And there upon the cushioned beams,
Lie waiting still our childhood friends.

Once left behind in air of want,
They shadow walk till life’s own end,
And then still sit as canines do,
Awaiting steps on woven ground.

In spite of this they share our dreams,
And hope again to raise their voice,
To speak as one like children do,
In praise of us and living well.

But most adults can’t see them now,
Their freshness and, brightness calmed,
These friends are lost in time and space,
And drawn far out of contacts slack!

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Copyright © Vasilios Theodorakis 1989
(Exact date of writing unknown.)

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