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August 28, 2007

Fountain Of Youth

Filed under: Prose — Vasilios Theodorakis @ 3:50 pm

I have a number of aquaintances who go through the motions of talking about mortality – which I suppose is better than no discussion of the topic at all. The problem is, as soon as I walk away from that ‘metaphorical table’, they go back to living lives based on the illusion that they will always have their looks, will always have their youth and will never get sick and die. So much for depth, and so much for personal evolution.

Death is just an interesting dinner table topic to many of these people – nothing more. The cult of ‘Ego’ and ‘Eternal Youth’ reigns supreme, and after that chardonnay washes down that expensive dinner, all thoughts of one’s place in the world are restored to ‘Normal’. They of course, will read this fragment of prose and think I am talking about someone else, but then again, that’s the way it should be – I expect…

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