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May 1, 1989


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It was thought we lived upon the downs.
It was thought we chose life’s own breath;
Yet we look, we gaze, we seek to crush;
As though the peace was just a dream,
Not known to minds or souls of quest.

Twist away, and tear your heart…

Strike at the evil and blind the eye;
It must not see the hell we preserve;
It must not see the source of strength
Which drives the revenge of the wounded soul,
And shatters life, which had shattered zest.

“We are Christians!” we shout to the cause.
“We are holders of truth and of glorious light!”
But darkness dwells behind greying suits,
Bitterness reigns within the sight,
And daggers are drawn to advance the time.

What way to live a life so short!
At best seek out the tactics still;
At worst cut down the kicker’s hand,
And quell the pain through raging force,
Struck at last in conquered air…

Irony wins above both fields;
As neither sees their blood stained hands,
Which answer silent to the call,
And cast out codes and words of warmth,
And raise a crown that neither claims!

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Copyright © Vasilios Theodorakis 1989
(Exact date of writing unknown.)

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