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June 1, 1989

Insight And Wisdom From Parents?

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Wondrous things, left in the back of their minds;
Gathering dust and cobwebs while grinding life’s cog.
Sad, that so few of them draw from the Spring.
Instead, they pretend to know,
Fixing things up very nicely, thank you very much!
Especially since they haven’t a clue
As to what’s going on
Or how to deal with situations.

Its true – we all grow up,
Expectations are laid down in concrete – a distraction for sure.
“Adult, ah ha… mature, maybe… therefore wise?”
The problem is we all assume wisdom comes with age.
No wonder society stumbles around in a coma most of the time.
Why don’t we allow people to learn from their mistakes,
Accrue wisdom before children,
And then assume they can make useful decisions.

If we don’t, I’m sure we’ll continue to await
With “baited breaths”
For guidance to spring forth from the foetuses of the world.
So sift through what you’ve heard – but carefully.
Be still, and grab the gems as they’re laid out by artisans.
And above all – avoid spending an eternity wondering
Why that initial “wisdom” offered from the crib
Was so useless…

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Copyright © Vasilios Theodorakis 1989
(Exact date of writing unknown.)

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