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September 13, 2001


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Let us not think
Too hard
Or too long,
And it may yet
Come to pass,
That our
Arrogance and Ignorance,
Will be forgiven
By the seventy percentiles,
Who lack and die
Each and every day.

But I fear
Its more likely,
That the sandpits
Of the mind
Will burn the fury
Of their eyes,
Into their hands,
And cause them
To gouge out
The sight
Of the First.

And now,
As countless innocents
Within the distinctness
Of the Mind.
Impotent leaders
Dance political jigs,
Poking out tongues
While taunting the harmful,
Who’d happily scrape
More sanctity, off the lives, of those who remain.

Dedication (In Memory Of The World Trade Center Tragedy)
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Copyright © Vasilios Theodorakis 2001

September 11, 2001

Soldier Blood

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The curbing of rage
Sends out needles,
Drawn forth to target
None other
Than the self.
Blessed by DNA strands
Selected through fight,
I am at a disadvantage
In a world that values
None of the gifts
I bring to the pool.
The clotting
That saved,
My knife wielding kin.
The adrenaline
That carried,
Their hand to hand combat.
Both, seen as mutations
To be controlled, not extolled.
I find
The memory
Of those eliminated,
To produce the ‘me’,
Three cheers for modern medicine and western civilisation.
They continue to see nothing,
Beyond the narrow
Of the norm.

May their place
In this DNA space,
Grow in regression.

Dedication (For My Ancestors)
Audio Version (Podcast – MP3 / 60sec / 472kb)
Copyright © Vasilios Theodorakis 2001

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