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September 6, 2010


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Australia will have matured into a real nation only when it embraces its entire history and only when it sees its existence as stretching back more than 40000 years, not just 212!

Until we accept that indigenous history is also the nation’s history, and until the average person on the street understands and is proud of the fact that Australia still holds the oldest continuous cultures and society in the world – we will never get past the current illegitimacy of the nation. i.e. That since colonialists came to this land and occupied it without compensation and treaties, the business of settlement was never completed.

As we’re stuck with what has happened and as we’re unable to change the past, we should at least ensure the future is based on uniting our pre and post colonialist history in a just, honest and pride inspiring way. I look forward to the day when non-aboriginal kids wish they were indigenous and aboriginal kids are so full of pride they almost burst whenever the topic of their heritage is raised. What a day that will be and what a great nation we will have become – despite the mistakes of the past!

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