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September 1, 2010

Creating A Nest

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Statistically, we are one of the few high order creatures capable of procreating without first preparing a safe and stable environment in which to raise our young. Almost all other complex organisms will try to build a nest (or equivalent) before bringing forth the next generation, but since we’ve managed to separate out our sexual activity from our need to procreate, children often arrive before an environment is prepared for them.

In addition to this, we’ve removed ourselves from the cycles of the natural world, swapped the nest for dependence on vast societies and allowed ourselves to get pregnant irrespective of whether we have access to food and shelter – please note, I’m not talking about women who get sexually assaulted here – that’s different. What I’m talking about, is couples who do not have the resources to raise children.

Living in smaller communities, unexpected offspring were usually catered for by the larger family grouping. The problem we now face however, is that modern societies tend to be apathetic, hostile and not orientated to look after their constituent’s babies – not unless they’re forced to – i.e. procreation is the individual’s problem! Groupings have become too large and impersonal, ideology too self centred and people uneducated in the need to gather the resources to build their own nests ahead of time. As a consequence, those unprepared for children, fall through the safety nets of society as there’s often no family or community to depend on anymore.

As a social worker, I saw this happen again and again – people having children first and worrying about a roof over their heads later. The instability and stress this has on kids is shocking, and having to deal with it on a daily work basis, scared the hell out of me. So much so, that I decided I would not bring a child into the world unless the nest was built and ongoing resources were available.

I therefore strongly believe we need to get back to basics when it comes to our young i.e. unless we have first built the nest – don’t lay the egg! Laying and balancing an egg on a branch can only end in disaster! How stupid has our species become! I really don’t see the logic in viewing this aspect of our lives as human evolution – if anything, its a backwards step for our species!

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