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July 9, 2010

Xenophobes Are Not Racist?!

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Politics is the art of targeting the lowest common denominator. If that denominator proves to be an immoral or unethical “stance on an issue” then societies go backwards and become indictments of themselves.

Just take the current political discussions on asylum seekers. During the course of a week, the Labour Party and its new leader – someone that most people had come to believe was a moral individual – decided to take the line of absolving the country’s extremists and racists. These politicians publicly proclaimed that the “average” Australian – whatever that might be – were not “bad people” despite their heartless attitudes towards displaced individuals and the atrocious treatment of non-Anglo Australians!

Shame on you PM – any semblance of hope people like me had in people like you was instantly dashed! All of us will be voting “Green” from now on!

How will this country ever be guided and encouraged to become the nation it can be, when the only thing politicians care about is appealing to the worst of society – and doing so, just to get re-elected!

Unfortunately, as a country we have a long way to go in order to become a global role model – especially with the ongoing suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act. Then again, it probably doesn’t matter – by the time we get our act together, nationalism will have become obsolete anyway!

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