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August 13, 2009

The Exam Syndrome

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The older I get, the more I’ve come to believe that excelling (and defeating one’s competition) is for the young at heart, that is, for those who still think they’re immortal, bullet proof and have all the time in the world. Its of course a natural part of youth and is probably one of the reasons why our kind has been so successful at subjugating all other forms of life and controlling the rest of our planet.

For me though, existence is more about survival and quality of life. I’m often told, “one approach, is no better or worse than the other – they’re just different.” Needless to say, this affirmation is that of liberalist fanatics.

For better or worse, people (like me) have trouble maintaining the frivolity and excitement of achievement, especially after staring death in the face as often as we have. Most recently, I’ve decided to put the last vestiges of my own need for success and competition to rest. Its time to get on with what I have to do and not obsess over what I’d like to do.

Ironically, this doesn’t translate into not doing well at what I have to do; it’s more about, not being concerned as to what others think and not needing to compete within our social system. Still, taking this path has relegated me to the leper’s corner in more ways than one. It’s also very dubious as to whether this approach is a good long term choice for my wife and I, in regards to our financial well being. :)

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