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July 8, 2007


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Having brought down the judgement of order,
A dandy lion fairy
Asserts her ruling over the mindless intellect,
Rounding it up
And whipping routine out of chaos,
Her innocent face
Takes on the scowl of a demon.
Sweet irony however,
Is lost
On those in servitude,
For the struggle to capture creativity backfires
Causing their muse to skip away ever faster,
Fearful of the clock-in creature
Of nine to five,
That leans hard and suffocates,
Obscuring vision and drowning out inspirational sweat.
Were one
To destroy all clocks,
A symphony of wonder
Would fill one’s mind,
And chorus such Art
As never before seen.
The demented cherub
Taps away the seconds of the day,
Upon the brow,
Of those
Who would be king
And blindly strive
To inherit the throne of Shakespeare.

In role
Us – the Outsiders,
Witness their ‘fade away’
As another torso
Is lost to the faceless crowd
Of sensibility.
Thank goodness, these brothers and sisters
Have a place to call home – the Mall.
Without it,
I shudder at the thought of their fate.

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Copyright © Vasilios Theodorakis 2007

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