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August 23, 1989

What do I do with this God?

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She seeks…
      Guidance through the Book;
      Wisdom in the sky;
      Refreshments from the twirly knob above the kitchen sink.
Then she waits…
      Knowing the solution will be revealed,
      For all God’s mechanistic creations
      Come with instructions and home delivery.
      The only accessories one needs,
      Is the serious, yet cool hard word from a disintegrating human being
      Which she definitely qualifies as being.
And of course…
      A bit of ‘umph’ from the gentleman Himself.
      Then and only then is everything guaranteed to become
      Hunky Dory.

      It never quite works out that way.
      The Creator, it would seem, has an admirable sense of humour;
      Tossing someone else’s left overs into the solution stew,
      Just when its about to be served.
      Even this complication does not phase her.
      She rises up,
      Takes it with a grain of sodium chloride replacement,
      And knuckles down to a few more hours of bartering.

Audio Version (To Be Added)
Copyright © Vasilios Theodorakis 1989

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