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August 16, 1989

A Father’s Stand…

Filed under: Growing Up — Vasilios Theodorakis @ 6:00 pm

Melodrama rules…
It’s coarse lines, spun out in momentous speech!
Symbols in flowing parody
Touch on stereotypes,
Then formalize in dramatic assumptions,
And blackened extrapolations.

Such warmth… aahhh… drawn from the stills of Antarctic.
Such sweetness… oohhh… modeled on the taste of fermenting gall.
What could ‘top off’ such a script,
Rooted in a tangle of pain and unsatisfied expectations?
One thing I tell you… one thing… he said.
A silence, a withdrawal, an isolation ‘par excellence’.

And so it was…

Audio Version (To Be Added)
Copyright © Vasilios Theodorakis 1989
(Poem From 1989 – exact date of writing unknown)

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