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The Author

Who am I? Who are You? There are no bigger questions one needs to answer than these. (Quote from the movie ‘Joe Verses The Volcano’, 1990.) Depending on how we answer these questions, depends on whether we believe in God, whether we believe in a spiritual realm as well as a physical realm and whether we retain the ability to imagine and dream as adults.

The only constants in my life have been my Trinitarian Theology (Orthodox Christianity) and my writing. These have taken the form of theological commentaries, poetry, and science fiction stories (since I was a child) – but these ‘things’, have become more and more incompatible with our time! A lot of people in my country don’t seem to follow – believe in – anything other than sport, rarely read poetry and just laugh when you bring up Sci-Fi stories. Even so, things change and the internet has driven much of that recent change. In the last few years, online systems have developed which allow writers to reach an audience well beyond where writers live geographically. These systems include ‘Open Source‘ blogs like the one I’m using – i.e. WordPress.

So who am I? Lets start with the easy part – my labels. I was born in Melbourne (City), Victoria (State), Australia (Country) in 1967. Moved to Brisbane (City), Queensland (State), Australia (Country) in 1977. Had an uneventful childhood and took up science studies as an adolecent – hoping to become a Physicist. A couple of years into my science degree, I withdrew from the course before completing it – there were many reason’s for this, some of which get explored by my poetry.

I then embarked on training, studying (still at the same university) and working as a trauma based Social Worker in 1987. I ceased full time Social Work in 1997. Retrained again, and started creating websites for people and small businesses until now – 2007. Along the way, I met and married my lovely wife Helen and have been with her for over ten years. About six years ago we moved to the bayside suburb of Wynnum and short of some catastrophic turn of events, we intend to put down roots here – hanging out with the pelicans and mangroves as often as we can.

Amongst this chequered personal and professional history, there is only one thing that I’ve done consistently (and sometimes well), that is, tell stories and write poetry. Just ask my wife – the story telling has driven her crazy on more than one occassion. :)

So please read through the material I’ve uploaded to this site – hopefully you’ll find some pieces that are enjoyable and/or strike a chord. If you ‘really’ like the work, please make a PayPal donation (not yet activated), so I can self publish my anthologies in print. Donations that are over the cost of a printed volume of poetry will automatically qualify the donator to receive a print copy of an anthology once its produced. If you’re a professional publisher/editor who ‘really’, ‘really’ likes my work, I’m always open to discussing print publications in addition to my web releases. A contact form will become available (on this site) in the not too distant future, so people can get in touch with me.

So, to all ‘ye’ who have stumbled across this site or googled ‘theodorakis’ and ‘poetry’ by accident,

Keep well and stay safe,

All my hopes – Vasilios Theodorakis – August 2007

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