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June 22, 2012

Nothing To Lose

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If life is seen as a poker game, some of us inevitably get dealt a dud hand. The difference with life and poker though is you can’t fold and walk away then change your mind and get back into the match. Once you’re in the game of life, you’ve got to play, no matter how bad the hand is you’ve been dealt.

Sadly, the way my cohort usual deals with a dud hand is to discard one card after the next, taking on new cards in the hope that our hand will improve. Unfortunately, we never do get past that dud hand and miss the statistical fact that some hands don’t get any better – that’s just life! It’s not personal, we weren’t hand picked for higher levels of misfortune, it just happens that way.

So what should we do? Fold early and just walk away? I never did like the idea of pro-actively choosing death – we’ll all be dead soon enough, so why rush getting there! Bluff, and hope that your poker face encourages everyone else to fold before your dud hand is discovered? Or, keeping taking cards in the hope that good fortune finally smiles at you?

The reality is, if you get a dud hand of cards, you have nothing to lose – which can be very liberating. If you’ve decided that you’re prepared to fold and walk away, why not take another card or astound the other players with your thespian skills of bluffing. You never know – by hanging in, you might just win the whole “pot” in spite of providence handing you nothing but empty promises and/or pain!

On a more personal note and inline with this metaphor – it’s good to still be here and good to still be in the game – especially since I’m able to write again!

“So, dealer – I’ll take three more of those cards thanks.” ;)

Cheers – Vasilios Theodorakis – June 2012

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