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May 27, 2011

Graphical User Interfaces

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Dear Apple and Microsoft,

Please bring back GUIs – Graphical User Interfaces that make sense. Mac OS 7.1 or Mac OS 7.6 did just fine, even Windows 3.1 made some sense in regards to applications, files and folders. Our current (operating systems) OSs make no sense at all in relation to real world analogies. Its no wonder people get lost in the latest Mac OS X and Windows 7 menus. So many friends and relatives over the age of 75 have just given up in regards to digital technology, and those who haven’t, are constantly on the phone in need of OS support. ;)

Cheers – Vasilios Theodorakis – May 2011

May 20, 2011

Commitment To Curb The Stirring…

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After the last few posts, I’ve had a number of complaints about how much I pay out on the medical profession. In response to these complaints, I’ve decided to keep my “bagging” to a minimum from now on. After all, the good medical practitioners, have managed to keep me alive in spite of the bad practitioners incompetence – something that should be emphasised a little more. ;)

Cheers – Vasilios Theodorakis – May 2011

May 13, 2011

How Do You Feel Jim?

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In Star Trek – The Original Series (TOS), McCoy (the doctor) would often ask James T Kirk (Jim – the captain) how he was feeling. What a bizarre notion this is for Australia’s public hospital patients – real concern from a bureaucratic medical professional – now that’s an oxymoron!

I’ve got to say, I have always loved TOS because of this belief in the good of all individuals (and professions). Belief in a good that offers up hope for humanity’s future, not pessimism. Gene Roddenberry (TOS producer/writer) had quite an optimistic vision for our species. If only real doctors would take a page out of his fictional doctor’s book, and ask their patients – “how do you feel”? What a difference that would make to the doctor’s often invasive and unnecessary procedures. Just talking to the patient and asking them such a simple question, could make all the difference to the patient’s medical history and in turn, to their life!

In the meantime, as we wait for medicine to grow out of it’s Spanish Inquisition phase, thank goodness for Bones’ timeless dialog and banter with his patients – especially Kirk. This fictional interaction, still brings a smile to my face in regards to what may come to pass in the far distant future – a future, where hospital doctors boldly go where no one has gone before. ;)

Cheers – Vasilios Theodorakis – May 2011

May 9, 2011


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Today I lost a very dear and elderly friend who went by the name of Lilly. She died in the company of her sister Fiona, who together with another sister Ruby were triplets from a by gone era. None of the three had partners or children.

What makes the death even more tragic, is that Ruby also died this year. Unfortunately, I didn’t know Ruby all that well. Lilly who I did get to know, had a body that was badly worn and withered but she remained active even in her old age. Lilly lived and died the way I wish I could live and die – active until the moment one lays down their head and passes away.

The remaining triplet Fiona, who I also don’t know too well, is of course lost without her other two siblings. I can’t imagine the loneliness she must feel. Helen and I will continue to support her as best we can until her time comes. Until the deaths of her sisters, Fiona had not spent a day apart from them.

In regards to the triplets’ leader, Ruby – Eternal be her memory.

In regards to my withered and energetic friend, Lilly – Eternal be her memory.

In regards to the trio’s survivor, Fiona – please keep her in your thoughts and/or prayers. May her time come as peacefully as Lilly’s and may she not be crushed by the loneliness she now carries since the other triplets’ departures.

The story of their life should really be told – it’s an inspiration to all “students of life”.

Regards – Vasilios Theodorakis – May 2011

May 6, 2011

Time Marches On

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Yet again I’ve lost another three months due to medical dramas. Thanks to what my doctors jokingly call “constitution” however, I seem to be a “hard dying kind of guy”, so lets resume where we left off in February.

I’m pleased to say, the blog’s stats show its readership continues to (patiently) revisit the site, even though nothing has gone up in all this time. I thank each and everyone of you for your support and hope to make it worth your while for having stuck with this blog.

Cheers – Vasilios Theodorakis – May 2011

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