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November 14, 2010


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There was a time when anyone could come up with a notion, research it, develop it and release it to the public. It didn’t matter if you weren’t a specialist and didn’t matter if you didn’t have a Ph.D. in the field – as long as the idea was sound, made sense and could be backed up by the rest of humanity’s body of knowledge, there was a chance it would be accepted into popular thought.

But today? Today, without a string of letters after your name, the idea of contributing to human insight is “technically” off limits. So what do people like me do – people who’s minds come up with notion after notion? Find a means of getting ideas out into the world without 7 years of academic specialisation in every field of knowledge! After years of thrashing around inside my “degree limited” cage, I’ve come to accept that the only legitimate avenue for people like me is writing, and in my case, Science Fiction writing.

So, if you like the ideas appearing in my blog’s commentaries and poetry, I hope you take the time to investigate my Science Fiction material when it finally gets a public release – the short stories and novels I’m working on contain all the ideas I’ve come up with in the last 30 years. :)

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