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November 3, 2010

Waiting To Know

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Standing up – arm led by the firing squad,
I’m shown a chair for my own comfort!
And as I sit – I gag on the reflex to laugh out loud
Chimpanzee like,
Trying to hide my fear.
That my response should revert to a simian Id
Is not so strange,
Knowing how similar our hand prints are.
Grimace set,
My face is taut
Till lips morph into teeth,
And I wait for the path’s division.
Left – I live,
Right – I dual with death,
Whose advance is a breech
Of the city walls
Where foreign infantry run through the streets
Of my system
Aiming for chaos but content with mayhem.
Pushing forward
Forever in assault mode,
I’m overrun
And witness the fall of my own torso.
Just as the war is lost in my head,
The verdict
From the delicate genius arrives – results are fine!
I sheath my body’s duelling sword.
Will not be the day,
This battle is fought!
Relief stricken,
I slump forward
And catch my head
In conveniently cupped hands.

Yet another stay of execution has been granted,
And for now – I walk free!

Copyright © Vasilios Theodorakis 2010

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