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September 4, 2009

Site Update 042

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My recent work is an assortment of odds and ends – technology predictions, metaphysics and social commentaries. Reading a little too widely always sends me off on multi-pronged tangents. :)

As of next week however, I should be back to editing and uploading the “Growing Up” anthology. My ongoing aim is to publicly release all poems in this anthology by the end of the year.

In the mean time, the pieces uploaded in the last month include:
Formal Worship And Nature – a ‘religion and theology’ commentary.
The Havoc They Reeked! – a new poem written in August.
The Apple Multi-Touch Tablet – A Mouse Replacement? – a ‘tech prediction’ about the yet to be released Apple Tablet.
The Exam Syndrome – a ‘general’ commentary on competition.
This Is What We Are! – a ‘religion and theology’ commentary on the state of Orthodox Christianity in Australia (still being worked on).

The author for the week is the great pacifist and vegetarian: Albert Einstein.

Cheers – Vasilios Theodorakis – September 2009

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