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March 27, 2009

Site Update

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Brisbane today looks like any other western city – tall skyscrapers, few public spaces and no character. This wasn’t always the case, back in the mid 1980s it was still an interesting town with many of its older buildings intact. It also had some very quirky personalties wandering its streets and train stations but these too have long ago been replaced by a population that now takes itself far too seriously.

This week’s poem: The Jolly Bunch – was written back in 1987 as a compilation of various experiences I had while catching late night trains at Dutton Park station. In all instances, I was on may way home from university – a place which I hated from the start because of its impersonal nature. I never seemed to tire of observing people’s behaviour however and was often more interested in the personalities on campus as well as the train passengers to and from home. What I was formally studying took a distant second place to my people studies. :) The poem’s structure also pays homage to the essay read out loud in English class by John Cusack’s character in the Rob Reiner film “The Sure Thing”. The piece is very much tongue and cheek and was never intended to be taken seriously.

This week’s highlighted author is: Mem Fox.

Cheers – Vasilios Theodorakis – March 2009

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