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October 23, 2008

Shadow Takes Reality

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Believing nothing
I am here
Quantified in person
Sanctified in self
Staring into the mirror
And gagging on my own essence.
I could not have imagined
Such horror as a child.
A world where humanity
Is inexcusable, and its presence unwanted
By its own origins.
I grieve for all beings
And the good in my kind,
For the Sapien has become a patsy,
Drunk in its quest for murder
And clinging to genes
Linked to the structural guilt of superiority.
This psychic bile is piled up at our feet
And slung across the room
At the God Head.
All in the hope
That it’ll stick to Him and not us.
Like all others,
I was taught to look away at such things.
But the screams will not be silenced
In my mind (nor beyond),
No matter how much separation
We distill upon ourselves.
And so, I find myself an accomplice
To these crimes,
Just through breath and being.
Each moment now
Strikes the gong of grief
As the pain is witnessed
Within the eyes of the other.
The minuscule good
That remains in my kind
Will not be enough to redeem
The billions killed
Nor the billions yet to die.

Awake at last
We know there will be
No further sleep,
For sentience
Demands action
When faced with truth
And our earthly role,
To voice the voiceless,
Must be placed on a pedestal and heeded,
In spite of the hordes
And what they might do,
When finally, we speak!

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Copyright © Vasilios Theodorakis 2008

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