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August 27, 2007

About The Audio Versions Of Poems

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As you read through the verse that’s appearing on the site, you’ll find a link to an audio version of each poem just before the copyright declaration. At this stage, all recordings are available as MP3 files and should be playable on equipment like iPods, computers, etc. At a later date, special poems will be available as advanced (multimedia) podcasts in M4A form.

The format of every recording is as follows: spoken track, background track and copyright notice at the end of each recording. Each anthology of poems will have a different backing track, and ungrouped poems from the last four years, will initially be released without such a track. The backing track is associated with the anthology’s theme. Being an MP3 file, title and author information should also be viewable on people’s MP3 equipment or computers.

You can download the audio version of each poem by right clicking your mouse and selecting ‘save target as…’ (Windows) or ‘save link…’/’download linked file…’ (Mac) from the displayed menu. This will allow you to archive a copy to your desktop or harddrive. Once I’ve uploaded more material, I will also be adding the site’s RSS feed to podcast services like iTunes etc, which should make it easier to locate and obtain audio copies of poems.

Cheers – Vasilios Theodorakis – August 2007

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