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August 23, 2007

Is Christianity Still At Its Beginning?

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If humanity doesn’t destroy itself (through its love and systemic desire for war), I think we’ll find we’re only at the start of Christianity’s history. My hope is that there are (at least) ten’s of thousands of years ahead of us. Every time I raise this idea with Christians, people get very upset. So many people, are so used to believing the world will end within their own lifetime, that a more positive approach, is too difficult to fathom. What a miserably negative group we’ve become!

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  1. This one resonated with me Vas! We truly are at the beginning of Christianity’s history – but more than that … we are in the middle, beginning and end of ongoing threads of God’s creations, small, yet vitally important and loved pieces in the story He is writing for us and about us – ever drawing us closer to Him. I cannot believe that the world will end in my lifetime – and yet I do not want to cling to this world either – there is something far more beautiful and perfect awaiting us all after our worldly life …and so if life were to end – oh joy! oh bliss! we continue being of use and grow in love in a better world.

    Thank you for the privilege of being able to read your poetry and meeting another facet to the Vasilios that I call brother!

    Comment by Julie — September 28, 2007 @ 8:44 pm

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