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August 23, 2007

Waiting For A Sign

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Somehow, I don’t think life is about what God can do for us (i.e. nudge us, tell us what to do, give us a sign), its about what we can do for Him and creation, without expecting anything in return. Its the privileged who’ve really gotten this concept back to front. To quote an old friend – “We have nice things because we deserve them. We’ve paid our dues and God’s rewarding us. Its a sign!” If this was true, what did the poor plebs in the third world do to deserve their plight. Go easy with the “God will guide me” and “My blessings are a sign” bit (its only one step away from believing we are “worthy”) – none of us are really that important – we’re all just a heart beat away from becoming worm fodder – literally. That puts us right up there with the garden variety “fallen leaf” which is decomposing beautifully in the compost bin.

The best any of us can do (as most religions tell us), is to sit still (stay put), know what we are good at and use that in service without any expectation of reward (or revelation). To think we are being rewarded (and important enough to be guided) is the complete opposite of our call to (humble) service. I can’t imagine the Theotokos was into what she could get out of the deal – who in their right mind would hand over their “will” completely – she of course could and did – it was her gift to humanity, her LEGACY to the future, her attempt at Theosis (which is yet to be matched). There was the initial confusion (of pregnancy) of course and then a lifetime of follow through based on her gifts. And yes, many (of the rest) of us lead a lifetime of confusion, before there’s a follow through based on our gifts. But at least some of us, find ourselves walking into the stable at the 11th hour! So if we’re advised by our religion to sit still – it means to sit still! One could spend the rest of one’s life galavanting around the world, but that’s just another form of running from a commitment to service!

Take responsibility for where things are at, then make the most of what you can do. Waiting for signs is more about ego and our interpretation of reality than about reality itself i.e. Intrinsic Truth is always right before our eyes, no matter which direction we turn our faces (even when we turn our faces away from God) – there are no need for signs. Life is the sign, breath is its proof – all we need to do is open our eyes…

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Is Christianity Still At Its Beginning?

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If humanity doesn’t destroy itself (through its love and systemic desire for war), I think we’ll find we’re only at the start of Christianity’s history. My hope is that there are (at least) ten’s of thousands of years ahead of us. Every time I raise this idea with Christians, people get very upset. So many people, are so used to believing the world will end within their own lifetime, that a more positive approach, is too difficult to fathom. What a miserably negative group we’ve become!

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One Truth

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What ever religion we follow – there is still only one Truth. All Mysticism and Spirituality is only a different (better or worse) interpretation of that Truth. You could sift through a thousand religions, but you would still end up looking at the same reality, only through different people’s eyes.

I continue to view reality through Trinitarian (Orthodox Christian) eyes, though its highly unfashionable and often gets me into trouble.

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There are no need for signs. Life is the sign, breath is its proof – all we need to do is open our eyes.

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