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June 27, 1994

Cotton, Steel and Plastic.

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All you have known is gold.
The silver spoon of a mobile
You hold like a new born
Of importance – beyond life,
Of depth – beyond God,
Of people – but nothing.
All that is memorable
Is the braid.
Plaited to the wrist,
Your means of breath,
Has become your delusion of oxygen
It’s irony of non-air is like the poisonous Fumes Of Old.

All I have known is cotton, steel and plastic.
Of a brother’s failure,
Of a sister’s pain,
Of the self, forever before me.
Temptation by the now is everywhere,
But I cannot forget what I have seen.
Your shallowness is my nausea,
And I will be judged for judging,
But so be it.
For my heart tells me you are wrong
And this I cannot ignore.
Other things I might,

But this, I cannot.

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