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November 14, 1993

The Onward Struggle – Making A Place Of Our Own

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Sister of Wisdom
I noticed that your smile had faded,
Softened in transience amoungst places of New.
And I wondered
Whether life had left your soul giving stance.
But on seeing the candle still flickering,
My heart filled with the Blood
Spilt to the floor,
Freely offered up by our Brothers and Sisters
Through past sacrifice;
And done so, to reinstate clarity
Of Truth, and maintenance of core Tradition.
Only then did I understand
That the road before you and I,
Though potted with holes and obstacles
Is so worthy of travel.
For through the harshness
I am given, to standing in common with Hope,
Still fresh in the faith
That we will be victorious;

Being driven and drawn forward
By the knowing
That we are struggling
For that which is timeless;
While those against us
Are fixating on that which has passed.

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