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March 31, 1991

Too Fast.

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There’ll be time enough
For hardship,
Adult ridden in decisions of pressure.
Why not,
Let the bright and breath of childhood
Saturate their souls for the while.
All too soon
Toys will be pushed aside
With an absence of laughter.
So why rush the process
Anymore than it must.
Let them speak of imaginings,
Throw fairy-floss,
Dream dreams
As the real things they are.
Let them splash thought scribbles
Fresh upon the story book,
Beside their innocence
And doona ravaged beds.
In time the security lights are extinguished.
So, why the need
To take the flame early?
Is it pay back
For one’s own loss?

Parents turn away,
Professing deafness
Such thoughts…

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Copyright © Vasilios Theodorakis 1991

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