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November 15, 1988

Her Sadness And Her Strength

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It was like she knew the world’s own pain;
Had touched its heart in times of need;
Had shared its sorrow, loss of love;
Had cried a tear through courage wrought.
And yet, she left no load above;
Used no threats to reach her goals.

She sat and smiled,
Her beauty real,
Her face did glow and light its words.
A sadness though,
Smeared her eyes,
And haunted them as laughter left.

She breathed a sigh,
Not quite heard.
She raised a hand to free her mate;
I rose to help –
Got waved away.
She stood alone, before the storm.

How often, had she braced her frame;
Had bared the brunt,
Of the wind?
Which knew no easing
Back just some,
As gusts raised up their linen fists.

Many times, it is said;
As she paced to ease the strain.
But now and then I caught a glimpse
Of palms raised up to her chin;
Resting thoughts and inner sense;
Shared out loud for a time.

I didn’t know, that she had passed,
Had slid right down clay filled walls;
Her battle grounds,
Now memory laid;
Her heart held weapons, sheathed by death;
Are still alive, through holy words.

Inspiration was her sign,
Raised upon her everyday;
She touched each soul,
Through brilliance born;
And clenched each hand to hold back fear,
Compressed by time, and muddied planks.

No strings reached out, from her gifts;
She never asked for favored wants;
She was as was in her heart;
For in it lived the warmth of love;
Suspended now for all time,
And drawn from treasures world’s apart.

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Copyright © Vasilios Theodorakis 1988
(12th poem written in 1988 – exact date of writing unknown)

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