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April 1, 1984

A Thought Of Peace.

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Tranquillity extends itself,
Innocence reigns supreme,
Beauty astounds the senses,
And love has no reason but to dream.

It could stop, but doesn’t;
Destroy, but never will;
It has no destiny or ancestry;
And thus, never needs to show or tell.

Few really understand its meaning,
And attempt to answer why.
But those who do are dreaming,
And never tell because they’re shy.

Thus, the leaves move to and fro together;
While the breeze, quiet and gentle does calm;
The ant carrying the leg and feather,
Recites a silent, environmental psalm.

I watch the moss begin to thicken,
As the gum trees start their final bloom;
But when the time comes to be leaving,
I realise, I’m still within my tiny room.

And so I hear a noisy knocking.
And so I hear footsteps deep.
Too bad it can’t last forever,
And only when you’re alone, or they’re asleep.

Audio Version (To Be Added)
Copyright © Vasilios Theodorakis 1984
(2nd poem written in 1984 – exact date of writing unknown)

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