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November 1, 1983


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Speak your words of wisdom Sir,
I like to listen to your thoughts.
Yes; We do both appear out of place;
You in your cage;
Me in my race.

We watch from behind a window closed;
Is it barred or can we fly through?
The problems issue past our eyes.
No need to touch, no need to worry;
Though inside we always find we do.

We’re looked upon as deaf and dumb,
Never extending our simple minds;
But we share a secret;
Is it not?
One in which we can survive and they cannot.

We have suffered, our generations gone.
We have have watched, while they rest in sleep.
We have fought for rights they see as “rot”,
And we have shielded from their blows;
At their feet.

And what, may I ask have we both achieved?
Very little to the naked eye.
A standing point which they believe can be hit,
And hit.
Until they see us eventually die.

But little do they know my small, young friend,
That both of us will survive in mind and in soul;
With our ways and thoughts lodged hard in pride.
Never quivering at their ways……
And why will we never quiver?
You ask me now.
Well, because they cannot touch us.
Not even when……
Yes; Not even when, our life begins to end.

Dedication (For Yanko Riziloudzins)
Audio Version (To Be Added)
Copyright © Vasilios Theodorakis 1983
(11th poem written in 1983 – exact date of writing unknown)

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